Best Neighborhoods in Meridian Idaho

Meridian, Idaho, is considered the best place to live in Idaho for a reason. It offers and provides what is most important: a healthy and clean living environment, as well as opportunities for work and a comfortable life.

Located in Ada County, it is considered a suburb of Boise. It has about 120,000 inhabitants, and its growth and development have been noticeable in recent years.

Meridian is very well-rated when it comes to ethnic and economic diversity. New economic trends, an increasingly educated population, and a higher level of awareness and needs make Meridian a prosperous city. It is an ideal combination of modern life and the best of the past.

Let’s talk about the best neighborhoods in Meridian, Idaho.

The cityscape of Meridian, Mississippi from the view of a bridge


What dominates most neighborhoods in Meridian are well-designed urban plans and residential block architecture. The streets are lined with trees, pedestrians, and lawns. There is lush greenery and a landscaped yard of exceptional beauty everywhere you look. This is where landscape architecture really shows its best face. The houses are typical, single-story but large in square footage. They are the epitome of classic American style, comfortable and functional, with garages.

The average house in Paramount costs between $450,000 and $1,150,000. This is a more expensive neighborhood, but this one is second to none. There is a lot of open space in the greenery, a path for walking and biking, three swimming pools in the neighborhood, and one wonderful lake where ducks swim.

This territory includes Paramount Elementary School, which is highly rated. The shopping malls Fred Meyer and WinCo are nearby. Many shops, cafeterias, bakeries, and boutiques are also available. Frequent street events bring residents together and create a sense of connection.

The crime rate is negligible, measured in per thousand. It is an exceptionally safe place to live a relaxed life, and it is recommended for people of every age and status.


Here is another one of many heavenly Meridian neighborhoods, ideal for enjoying life. Imagine being able to walk to the golf course and private country club. That’s exactly what awaits you at Spurwing. It is well located next to the highway but both isolated and quiet.

It is a similarly designed neighborhood as Paramount. The streets and surroundings show elegance, order, peace, and good organization. The houses are big, well-to-do people live in them, and they take care of their property. If you look at the panorama from the air, gray roofs alternate with rich woodwork. The neighborhood is arranged and planned down to the last detail. 

House prices range from $790,000 to $3,600,000, which clearly speaks of the owner’s status. There are luxurious mansions and chic original houses. However, the price range is large. Some were sold even for $490,000, meaning you should be persistent and find what suits you.

Everything is maximally subordinated to enjoying outdoor activities. There are also tennis courts, a lake, and an amusement park with various contents.

Nearby are the famous Rocky Mountain High School, Andrus Elementary, and Heritage Middle School.

Crime is almost non-existent. Some burglaries or car thefts happen, but no more serious crimes are recorded.

A fantastic place for everyone who has the opportunity to live here.

Saguaro Canyon

If you are not in the mood for typical settlements AND want a complete southwestern vibe, then Saguaro Canyon is the place for you. It is located in North Meridian. Many have compared it to a resort. There are 600 houses in this neighborhood, and the concept is different. The houses differ from each other and do not have the same uniform style as the previous neighborhoods. Typical Idaho native plants, yucca, Joshua tree, and cacti are cultivated. Carved wood, combined with sandstone from Arizona, decorates many parts of this neighborhood. Pools, playgrounds, and places to walk and relax will immediately attract your attention.

The houses are decorated with broken stone, and the doors have artistic wrought iron motifs. Their average price ranges from $708,000 to $890,000.

This cozy and comfortable nest has easy access to schools, retail, churches, restaurants, and stores. Several times a year, events, such as barbecues, are held for Easter, July 4, Halloween, and Christmas.

Prospect Elementary, Heritage Middle, and Rocky Mountain High School will provide a quality education for your children.

The neighborhood is remarkably safe. The population has volunteers who deal with security, control the entire area, and react quickly in case of any problem.

Lochsa Falls

Already at the entrance to Lochsa Falls, abundant flowing water will await you. What a feast for the eyes and ears, even within the urban environment.

The waterfall is built on blocks of rock, cleverly designed to look natural. Planted pine trees surrounding the rock will remind you of the original Idaho heritage. A stream bordered by large, white stones flows along the road itself. It will challenge you to get out of the car and relax for a few minutes.

This is also a recognizable settlement in Meridian. The houses are luxurious and modernly designed. Light facades and dark gray roofs change, but there are also different architectural specificities. In front of each house is a landscaped and maintained area with decorative plants. Hardly any house does not have a large, branched tree in the yard.

House prices range between $645,000 and $1,250,000. The owners of these houses are considered to have higher incomes.

There are shopping centers nearby, with all their contents. We have already mentioned the mall Fred Meyer and WinCo and many shops, cafes, and restaurants of all kinds. Also, a five-minute drive is CostCo, with its huge offer of all possible items.

Nearby is the highly-rated Rocky Mountain High School. Many playgrounds, green areas, parks, and swimming pools will help your children grow up healthy and active.

This is a respectable neighborhood, suitable for everyone.

Century Farm

Century Farm is unique on several levels. It has a small-town vibe, and you can feel it at every step. It is immediately noticeable that the houses differ from each other. Each has its specificity, which distinguishes it from its neighbor. Apparently, the need for originality dominates Century Farm’s population.

There are not so many tall trees here, but only green areas. You will have an unobstructed view of the mountains’ blue outlines surrounding this area.

Home prices range from $584,000 to $961,000. Considering this neighborhood’s advantages, the prices are lower than in other neighborhoods.

It is connected to shopping areas and schools, and it is fifteen minutes away from them. Playgrounds and community pools provide opportunities for quality leisure time with children and friends.

Larger numbers of families with children are present here, as are vital and active retirees. The environment is dynamic, and a healthy vibe prevails.

If you are in the mood for an evening out, you need to drive 20 minutes to get to the Downtown. It is not much, and on your return, you will enjoy the peace of your neighborhood.

The crime rate is not high here either, so you can be sure your family and property will be protected. The population declares, without hesitation, that they are satisfied and safe.


Meridian, Idaho, is not an expensive place to live. Costs are 6% below the national average. A salary sufficient for a comfortable life is about $65,000 per year. The growth of house prices in recent years contributes partially to the general increase in price levels.

More and more young professionals with families have decided to move to Idaho in recent years.  This is not at all surprising because Idaho provides excellent living conditions and is much more affordable than Portland, San Diego, or California cities.

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All parameters for life and residents’ impressions speak in favor of Meridian, Idaho.