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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my moving services be interrupted due to COVID-19?

Vantage Moving is classified as an essential service, meaning your move can continue as planned. We are continuing to offer our premier moving services in order to help you achieve the safest and best moving experience possible. While the situation surrounding the pandemic is constantly changing, we are committed to ensuring the safety of our customers and our team of exceptional movers. We are taking proactive measure to provide extra support and heightened safety measures for all of the moves we perform.

What will you do if a customer or worker indicates that they were infected?

If a member of our team or one of our customers indicates that they have been infected, we will cooperate with the relevant government agency to provide notification to any individuals who may have been exposed. We will continue to be vigilant in monitoring the situation, taking action as needed.

frequently asked questions about moving companies
frequently asked questions about moving companies

Am I protected against loss or damage while my goods are in transit?

Yes, but how much protection you have and its cost to you depend upon the “valuation” program you choose Full-Value Coverage or Released Rate Liability (60 cents per pound per article.

When should I move?

If there is an option, most moving companies suggest that you move during the spring, fall or winter. If you need to move during peak times such as summer, end of month and holidays, it is a good idea to schedule your move more than a month ahead of time.

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